At UberFast, our goal is to speed up as many online shops as possible. This helps our customers to get more conversions, lower their bounce rate and have a great user experience!

Why do I need a speed upgrade?

Studies suggest that most users won't wait Longer than 3 seconds for your Shopify store to load. This is even shorter on the mobile version. This can result in a high bounce RATE and you can lose a lot of traffic. Whether the traffic comes through social channels such as Facebook & Instagram or From the search results, the speed is a real conversion killer.

What is the ROI on a speed upgrade?

This completely depends on your online store results. An increase in your conversions can tell you the most. But if you have no traffic and no sales the ROI is different than an online store with tons of traffic and conversions. The average ROI with our customers is between 3 to 12 weeks.

What do you need from me to perform a speed upgrade? 

Within 24 hours after completing your order, you will receive a request in your Shopify dashboard for collaboration from Accept this and we can start with the speed upgrade.

How does the money back guarantee work? 

Before we start with the speed upgrade we send you a speedreport. In this speedreport we tell you what your current scores are and what scores we can achieve for you (this is specific for you store). If we fail to deliver, you will get your money back.

My online store is build with a pagebuilder app, is it possible to perform a speedupgrade? 

If your online store is build with a pagebuilder app like Gempages, Pagefly, Shogun or similar apps it’s not possible to perform a speed upgrade. If you use a pagebuilder app for just a part of your online store we can perform a speed upgrade but it can affect the end result. Try to let us know in advance.

Will my online store remain intact? 

Absolutely, we only make changes in the back end which will not affect the front end. You can compare it with a big cleaning, we remove, minify and delay only unused/unnecessary code. We make sure that your online store only uses what it needs to use, so it runs optimal. We guarantee your online store will remain 100% intact.

What are you going to do to make the online store faster? 

We perform lot of small actions, but in general it comes down to the following points:

  • Minify HTML, CSS & JS Files
  • Defer and async Javascript & CSS delivery
  • Remove and minify (unused) Javascript
  • App analysis & old app code removal
  • Compression of the page code
  • Optimization of Images & lazy loading setup
  • Dynamic scaling of Images

How long is the effect of the speed upgrade? 

A speedupgrade has a long lasting effect as long as you don’t make big changes. Adding product/pictures won’t harm the speed. Using internal apps or make changes to the themecode will affect the speed. We advise to perform a speed upgrade after you make big changes to your online store.

What is the delivery time for a speed upgrade? 

The delivery time is 7 to 10 days. 

Why does Uberfast optimize for Google PSI (Pagespeed Insights)

We don’t have to explain that Google is the biggest search engine around the globe and with that it’s an authority. We believe that Google PSI is the most objective tool for measuring the speed of an online store or website. Also Shopify relies on this data. We only optimize for Google PSI and not for other tools.